Monday, May 2, 2011

More gift to come... Jom Jom Jom

Salam to all my dear friends...

"I'm not in the mood." "I don't feel like it." How often do we hear these words from our children, our spouses, ourselves?

We have been conditioned to believe that our moods and emotions should govern our behavior. Grand gestures, flowery words, profuse tears... While charitable organizations may play on our emotions to encourage our giving, a gift made in the passion of the moment (who knows what cause could sway you next?) is less meaningful than one made after serious, rational thought (a la Warren Buffet). .. Hantam saja lah...

And today, i'm in the mood of (for) giving...heheh.... so cheer friends...

1)  This month only  - to anyone who reach RM 20,000 sales in May *
Cornell Sandwich Maker - healthy breafast.. ;)

2) The first who reach RM 30,000 sales in May, will be grant with this....*

SEMBONIA handbag and it is worth RM489!!  Cepatttt punch!!

3) Hadiah2 lain masih berjalan seperti biasa spt - FREE shopping raya di Batam *,  Hadiah dari DDM/CDM masing2 untuk yang berjaya melengkapkan 4 direct legs in one month.

I always believe (very strong) - the more you gift, the more you'll get... While I'm writing this post, the courier service man call - Madam, we will send this special box to you this afternoon. Can i re-confirm your add?  Wahhh!! Takkan my iPhone4 kot?? Kata in 4 weeks time... Berdebar2 la pulak...control Lin..control.. Alhamdulillah. Tq Allah..

So, with this, I decide to reward myself with this... (hallamak terberkenan la pulak bila tgk katalog tadi)... Ok.. siap2, kejap lagi nak cari ini benda.... (bole la sementara nak tgu beli kat butik LV kat HongKong...ngeeee).. Bole pakai nak g meeting CDM ptg ni... :):)

 Lerr... apsal pulak la jadi panjang pulak ni... Takpe2.. SEMBONIA - this design just launch last March 2011 ...

Ok, takat tu je utk kali ni.... jom buat kerja... anda jaga biz partners anda, kami hargai; anda  'jaya'kan biz partners anda, kami hadiahkan sesuatu atas komitmen dan kesungguhan anda kerana ... KEJAYAAN ANDA, KOMITMEN KAMI...

For those who interested nak dapat free hadiah2 di atas, bole hubungi saya... no harm asking.... ;);)
Hotline 017-7778504


* T & C apply

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