Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kelas Coaching Khas utk Warga Lembah Klang & sekitarnya

Jom ke Kelas Coaching Khas
Preview Keistimewaan Bio Ever, 
Projek Istimewa & Trip Pelancongan Percuma ke Guangzhou


Flight ticket.... FREE !!!!

Honeymoon .... FREE !!!!

Accommodation ..... FREE !!!!

Transportation, Tips & Touring .... FREE !!!!!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner .... FREE !!!!!

Pkl 9-1 ptg
11 Mac 2012 (Ahad)
Pusat Rawatan Impian, Kajang

Ia mungkin akan menjadi titik tolak untuk anda merubah diri..
Dari seorang yang sering kebocoran wang kpd seorang yang 
tak bocor lagi
Dari seorang yang sering tertekan kpd seorang yang tenang
Dari seorang yang negatif kepada seorang yg lebih positif
Dari selalu bertelingkah suami isteri jd aman damai

Perkongsian ini adalah PERCUMA ....

Pasti berbaloi2...

Tempat adalah terhad, jadi pastikan tempat anda ADA dgn menghubungi sy @ 017-7778504 (sms pun boleh)

Let's get it FREE in MegaStar Roadshow!!

Dearest Friends...

Last year, i was amazed by the 1st Most Awaiting gadget in 2011 which was iPhone 4.  (well i'm not a brand curious nor a person who will get every gadget 'newest' version).. So, what the heck... heheh..but there's a  Lucky Draw which the iPhone 4 was their prize for the top winner...

Short cut - alhamdulillah we got it in May 2011 (on Arifin's birthday)


the lucky draw comes again.... with the top winner will get the 2nd Most Awaiting Gadget of the Year - iPAD 2

Short cut - alhamdulillah we got it in Oct 2011 (my birthday)

and now, the lucky draw come again

one of the grand prize is Samsung Galaxy Note

 Macam best je nengok leader2 i mcm Siti Salmah, Fauwati, Mazliana & Murhaya guna.. nak try jugak lah..but i want it for FREE

We'll programme our (hubby & me) sub concious mind (and of cause the right brain) that we really want it...

Owh!! There's so many things to programme & re-programme nowadays.. such as my Musy'ab UPSR & SPPIM programming, my confinement, health & slimming programming, our biz programming, our hajj, our gold collection target, my next pregnancy ..bla bla bla...

of course we'll have to combine a technique or two or more....

and these are also a techniques that we used to do last time when we want the iPhone4, iPAD2 and also all the Free of Charge Overseas Vacation... (alhamdulillah in 2011, we managed to qualify an Umrah / Holland & Amsterdam Trip, also Hong Kong and Vietnam Trip..) Tq Allah

We would like to share with you how to do it (FOC tau).. The preview on Minda Magnet Rezeki is in 

 MegaStar Roadshow

Sunday (18th March 2012)
from 9am to 12.30pm 
Tmn Universiti, Parit Raja, Batu Pahat

This is by invitation only, so..

Book your ticket now!! (it's free before 14th March.. after that the ticket is RM 30)  call or sms me 

@ 017-7778504..
pm inbox (FB : Norazlin Nordin)

So wait no more friends...

The choice is all yours... ;);) see ya..
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