Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Salam Aidil Fitri

Salam rakan2 semua...

InsyaAllah thn ni sy akan beraya di rumah mertua di Muar, Johor... Pas berjalan raya ke rumah pakcik makcik, ptg @ mlm terus ke rumah mak sy di Jasin,Melaka.. 3rd day balik ke Muar balik sb ada re-union ngan kwn2 Arifin (lupa nak tanya, kawan sek rendah ke atau sek menengah ke atau MRSM-sb semua kat Muar!)

Sebelum tu... hari Sabtu ni sy dah balik ke Melaka, then Ahad ke Seremban (ziarah abang di hospital), then free...

Jadual kami akan berubah mengikut appointment biz even on 1st Hari Raya..no prob..

So friends out there, for those who interested to know or want us to share :
1) The detail about the magic cream Bio Ever or
2) You just want to try a free make over in 15minutes or
3) You want to know the biz plan or
4) Want to know how do we get about 20 times (include 3times Umrah) Free of Charge
on 1st Class Vacation or
5) Want to know how my husband & i retired about 4 years ago and yet we still stay in our dream house of 6 rooms and driving an E-240 Mercedes..
(the best things are - tak payah punch, tak payah tension ngan boss, kalo penat leh tido balik,
boleh g shopping tgh2 bulan & time org tgh kerja..best ooo aman damai tak ramai org..)

don't hesitate to book an appointment & it's is all FREE!! This is a great opportunity to have a biz right now. On top of that, it's so easy & the capital is so small and with our team's smart strategy, we'll guide you to get your capital as fast as 7-30 days only (and another RM 20K + 2 Umrah's ticket in 3 months)... InsyaAllah, i'll show you all the way to financial freedom..

Feel free to contact me :

(kalo tak dapat sms aje)

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